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Districtual Hydrolipodystrophy

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Vincenzo Rialdi  

Districtual Hydrolipodystrophy, commonly known as cellulitis, is caused by a faulty lipidic metabolism involving predisposing genetic factors and lifestyle errors. By using Iodotrat, organic iodine whose use is allowed in cosmetics, at 0.6-0.8% in an O/W emulsion, we observed a considerable reductio...

Tags lang_en, Cosmetic, Products, Reducer, Hydrolipodystrophy, Iodotrat, Cellulitis, Districtual, Iontophoresis

Determination of the in vivo long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy of film forming formulations containing Triclosan

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Authors M. Schnyder , T. Kotterer , J. Rhein  

CIBA Technical report No TA 97167. This study shows the long lasting bacteriostatic activity of film forming formulations (containing 1% and 5% Triclosan) determined under in-vivo finger print test conditions against gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and yeast. For convenience the formulations w...

Tags Triclosan, lang_en, film forming formulation, antimicrobial activity

Natural is not always innocuous

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Giorgio Rialdi  

Over the last few years interest in plant derived products has increased in proportion to the decreased use of both functional and non-functional raw materials of animal origin. In the past we have already had the opportunity to comment upon, and often even to challenge, the use of the adjective "na...

Tags toxicity, neoplasias, antioxidant, lang_en, natural, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, plant derived products

Biological benefits from cutaneous application of Syntesqual

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Vincenzo Rialdi  

This Paper highlights how the design and implementation of Syntesqual was achieved. Based on the experience which led to the development of Syntesqual, we decided to develop more products which, though having the same matrix, would protect the skin better. The four experimental models we implemented...

Tags Syntesqual Low Viscosity, toxicity, lang_en, proportioned protective effect, Syntesqual High Viscosity, viscosimetry, Syntesqual, Syntesqual-Jelly

NEutral SAturated OiL or NESATOL. Current value of saturated long chain (high carbon) triglycerides

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Vincenzo Rialdi  

This study supply general information about triglycerides, mainly as vehicles for skin-oriented products, followed by an explanation for the reasons that induced us to develop our eudermal triglyceride. Attention is focused on Nesatol which provides manufacturers with a neutral, emollient, odourless...

Tags lang_en, resistance, harmlessness, oxidation, Nesatol, structure, emolliency, sebum-like, Triglycerides

Y2K Man and Pheromonal Communication

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Franca Ligabue Stricker  

There is a connection between endocrine and olfactory systems (a relation that is fundamental for pheromone communication in animals). Stricker and her team demonstrated that even in Man some relation exists between histocompatibility antigens and olfactory perception. The finding that humans can co...

Tags lang_en, Osmopherine, Perception, Reproductive, Olfactory, Systems, Pheromones, Osmopherone