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A novel and unique active (*) integrating dermal and epidermal activities

(*)Integrine-60® (Patented TM of Vevy Europe, Genova, Italy) ABSTRACT Several research projects are aimed at developing bioactive materials to enhance keratinocytes and/or fibroblasts activities. One promising methodology, widely adopted to identify active substances, is the screening of natur...

Tags Oligopeptide, ECM, Elasticity, Pro-Filaggrin, lang_en, Oryza Sativa, NFM, Resiliency, Rice Protein, Integrine, Elastin, Rice, Moisturization, Collagen, Keratinocyte, Fibroblast, Fibronectin, Phytoderivative, Filaggrin, Extra Cellular Matrix, Keratinization, Dermis, Connective, Epidermis, Natural Moisturizing Factor