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Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Author Randolph Riemschneider  

BSE-free ORGAN EXTRACTS, acqueous, protein-free, can be prepared from cell lines and/or from synthetic material: table A. Activity tests: table B (example: SWINE-Placenta-Extract). Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts.pdf...

Tags Organ-Extracts, synthetic, lang_en, cell-line-based (BSE-free), natural, BSE

Porcine based organ Extracts guarantee full substitution of bovine extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Authors Randolph Riemschneider , Michael Heisler  

Activity tests on controllable systems prove the equivalence of standardized proteinfree PORCINE- and BOVINE-Placenta-Extracts: table 1. PORCINE-skin-collagen-extract and PORCINE-collagens-type I -VI are isolated, example in table 2. Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Porcine based organ Extr...

Tags lang_en, Placenta-Extracts from swine and cow, proteinfree Extracts, Porcine-Placenta-Collagens

Neuroimmunological Activities of Keratinocytes

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Authors Sabrina Brenci , Vincenzo Rialdi , Giorgio Rialdi  

Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Neuroimmunological Activities of Keratinocytes.pdfThe skin constitutes a complex structure that regulates the interaction between the environment within and without the body. In order to perform this function the skin is connected to the main homeostatic sys...

Tags catecholamines, lang_en, cytokines, stress, inflammation, keratinocytes, neuro-immunity