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Local inflammation, local stress and skin aging. Status and interventions

Published on Issues - Year 2023
Authors Vincenzo P.M. Rialdi , Paolo U. Giacomoni  

This paper reports the connection between cutis and the immune and nervous systems, related to local inflammation and stress conditions, occurring at the skin level and leading to early aging. Some intervention strategies to control the skin aging rate will be discussed.

Tags skin aging, catecholamines, salicylic derivative, antioxidant, oxidative cascade, healing, repairing process, lang_en, active ingredients, norepinephrine, noradrenaline, dopamine, skin damage, stress, adrenaline, stress hormones, inflammation, ICAM-1, phyto-derivative, immune system cells

Neuroimmunological Activities of Keratinocytes

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Authors Sabrina Brenci , Vincenzo Rialdi , Giorgio Rialdi  

Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Neuroimmunological Activities of Keratinocytes.pdfThe skin constitutes a complex structure that regulates the interaction between the environment within and without the body. In order to perform this function the skin is connected to the main homeostatic sys...

Tags catecholamines, lang_en, cytokines, stress, inflammation, keratinocytes, neuro-immunity