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Human Stratum Corneum homeostasis: the relevance of filaggrin and of inducers of filaggrin production

Published on Issues - Year 2016
Author Paolo U. Giacomoni  

A remarkable aspect of epidermal physiology is the repair strategy of the stratum corneum: instead of carrying out punctual removal of damage, the stratum corneum undergoes a permanent renewal. In the basal layer individual cells remove DNA damage and "chaperone" damaged proteins to the lysosomes th...

Tags loricrin, Filagrinol, proline, profilaggrin, Factor, UV, keratin, envelope, corneocytes, lang_en, corneum, skin, psoriasis, hydration, Stratum, NMF, ichthyosis, Urocanic, epidermis, histidine, Filaggrin, granulosum, Moisturizing, keratinization, Natural

Keratin and keratinocytes

Published on Healthy Chemistry  

What is epidermis? It is now right to ask ourselves what the epidermis is, what new ideas about it we have acquired and why the old schemes must be basically modified. By epidermis, we mean the section embodied between the basal membrane (which separates it from the dermis) and the external surfa...

Tags Keratin, keratinocytes