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Human Stratum Corneum homeostasis: the relevance of filaggrin and of inducers of filaggrin production

Published on Issues - Year 2016
Author Paolo U. Giacomoni  

A remarkable aspect of epidermal physiology is the repair strategy of the stratum corneum: instead of carrying out punctual removal of damage, the stratum corneum undergoes a permanent renewal. In the basal layer individual cells remove DNA damage and "chaperone" damaged proteins to the lysosomes th...

Tags loricrin, Filagrinol, proline, profilaggrin, Factor, UV, keratin, envelope, corneocytes, lang_en, corneum, skin, psoriasis, hydration, Stratum, NMF, ichthyosis, Urocanic, epidermis, histidine, Filaggrin, granulosum, Moisturizing, keratinization, Natural

Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Author Randolph Riemschneider  

BSE-free ORGAN EXTRACTS, acqueous, protein-free, can be prepared from cell lines and/or from synthetic material: table A. Activity tests: table B (example: SWINE-Placenta-Extract). Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts.pdf...

Tags Organ-Extracts, synthetic, lang_en, cell-line-based (BSE-free), natural, BSE

Natural is not always innocuous

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Giorgio Rialdi  

Over the last few years interest in plant derived products has increased in proportion to the decreased use of both functional and non-functional raw materials of animal origin. In the past we have already had the opportunity to comment upon, and often even to challenge, the use of the adjective "na...

Tags toxicity, neoplasias, antioxidant, lang_en, natural, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, plant derived products