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Human Stratum Corneum homeostasis: the relevance of filaggrin and of inducers of filaggrin production

Published on Issues - Year 2016
Author Paolo U. Giacomoni  

A remarkable aspect of epidermal physiology is the repair strategy of the stratum corneum: instead of carrying out punctual removal of damage, the stratum corneum undergoes a permanent renewal. In the basal layer individual cells remove DNA damage and "chaperone" damaged proteins to the lysosomes th...

Tags loricrin, Filagrinol, proline, profilaggrin, Factor, UV, keratin, envelope, corneocytes, lang_en, corneum, skin, psoriasis, hydration, Stratum, NMF, ichthyosis, Urocanic, epidermis, histidine, Filaggrin, granulosum, Moisturizing, keratinization, Natural