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The importance of personal scent

Published on Issues - Year 2023
Authors Vincenzo P.M. Rialdi , Paolo U. Giacomoni  

This paper reports the crucial role of olfactory signals in human being life, affecting their behavior and emotional status. The use of pheromone-mimetic substances within cosmetics preparations is proposed as supportive of both sex health and wellness.

Tags neuropeptides, neuroendocrine, olfactory signals, lang_en, fragrances, subliminal perception, pheromones, sex attractiveness, copulins, fixing agents

Y2K Man and Pheromonal Communication

Published on Issues - Year 2000
Author Franca Ligabue Stricker  

There is a connection between endocrine and olfactory systems (a relation that is fundamental for pheromone communication in animals). Stricker and her team demonstrated that even in Man some relation exists between histocompatibility antigens and olfactory perception. The finding that humans can co...

Tags lang_en, Osmopherine, Perception, Reproductive, Olfactory, Systems, Pheromones, Osmopherone