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Auxina - Effects on human hair and beard growth by topical application of a calibrated blend of botanical extracts (*)

Published on Issues - Year 2016
Author Paolo U. Giacomoni  

A remarkable segment of the personal care market is represented by personal care products for men. It has been estimated that this market (~4 bn $ in the USA alone in 2013 and perhaps six-seven times larger, worldwide) is comparable, in size, to the budget of the National Insitutes of Health...

Tags normalization, scalp, exogen, lang_en, kenogen, trichogram, follicle, flavonoids, adenylate cyclase, stimulation, re-growth, hairs, estrone, auxina tricogena, beard, alopecia, telogen, azelaic acid, growth, hair, anagen, catagen, 5-alpha-reductase