Activities of Excipients for Topical Skin Care Formulations

INTRODUCTION Far from being inactive bystanders of the pharmacological activity, excipients can play relevant roles in skin care products. Aesthetically pleasing emulsions owe their light touch or sensual feeling to carefully selected excipients able to improve spreadability without diminishing vis...

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Eccipienti attivi per formulazioni topiche

INTRODUZIONE Lungi dall’essere esclusivamente inerti testimoni dell’azione farmacologica, gli eccipienti possono avere una funzione molto importante nei prodotti di applicazione topica per la cura della pelle. Le qualità estetiche dei prodotti sono dovute alla scelta oculata di eccipienti capaci di...

Tags stabilità, lang_it, cera, Xalifin-15, saturo, comedogenico, C10-18 Trigliceridi, C12-20 Acid PEG-8 ester, reologico, sensoriale, dispersione, Eccipiente, Cetacene, assorbimento, Nesatol, emulsionante, perossidi, plasticità, bioemulgoide, Acetylated Glycol Stearate, sebosimile, penetrazione, coefficiente ottanolo/acqua, veicolazione olio, eudermico

Auxina - Effects on human hair and beard growth by topical application of a calibrated blend of botanical extracts (*)

A remarkable segment of the personal care market is represented by personal care products for men. It has been estimated that this market (~4 bn $ in the USA alone in 2013 and perhaps six-seven times larger, worldwide) is comparable, in size, to the budget of the National Insitutes of Health...

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Auxina - Effetto di una miscela calibrata di estratti botanici (*) sulla crescita di capelli e barba

I prodotti di cura per uomo rappresentano una notevole frazione del mercato dei prodotti per la cura personale, infatti questo mercato è stimato in 4 miliardi di dollari per i soli Stati Uniti, globalmente è valutato sei-sette volte tanto ed è quindi paragonabile al fatturato dei NIH...

Tags flavonoidi, peli, lang_it, stimolazione, exogen, kenogen, adenilato ciclasi, normalizzazione, capello, ricrescita, 5-alfa reduttasi, estrone, cuoio capelluto, tricogramma, auxina tricogena, alopecia, telogen, barba, anagen, catagen, acido azelaico, crescita, follicolo

Human Stratum Corneum homeostasis: the relevance of filaggrin and of inducers of filaggrin production

A remarkable aspect of epidermal physiology is the repair strategy of the stratum corneum: instead of carrying out punctual removal of damage, the stratum corneum undergoes a permanent renewal. In the basal layer individual cells remove DNA damage and "chaperone" damaged proteins to the lysosomes th...

Tags loricrin, Filagrinol, proline, profilaggrin, Factor, UV, keratin, envelope, corneocytes, lang_en, corneum, skin, psoriasis, hydration, Stratum, NMF, ichthyosis, Urocanic, epidermis, histidine, Filaggrin, granulosum, Moisturizing, keratinization, Natural

Omeostasi dello strato corneo umano: importanza della filaggrina e degli induttori della produzione della filaggrina

Un aspetto notevole della fisiologia dell’epidermide si riscontra nell’analisi della strategia di riparazione nello strato corneo: anziché rimuovere i singoli danni, lo strato corneo è sottoposto ad un continuo processo di rinnovamento. Mentre nello strato basale i cheratinociti riparano il DNA e gu...

Tags Filagrinol, Corneociti, UV, Involucro, Epidermide, Idratazione, Loricrina, lang_en, Stratum corneum granulosum, Filaggrina, Psoriasi, NMF, Pelle, Cheratina, Cheratinizzazione, Ittiosi, Istidina, Profilaggrina, Prolina, Urocanico, Natural Moisturizing Factor

Activities to overcome the BSE crisis

As soon as the first BSE-reports were published and the BSE has occurred (1985/86), the author engaged in “BSE research”, especially concerning filtration technique to eliminate infectious material and experiments to find a method to detect BSE in body fluids. Immediate action regarding BSE was a ...

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Vegetal placenta extracts substitute animal placenta extracts

  Placenta Extracts from cereal bran layers, like rye (illustration 1a,b) deliver cell metabolism activating extracts which can substitute animal placenta ones; rye placenta extract: table A: properties, table B: respiration increasing data, table C: metamorphosis acceleration.   Campi_Aggiuntivi...

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Remarks on biologic evaluation of Protection Factor for sun products

Published on Issues - Year 2004
Author Giorgio Rialdi
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Skin and Sun Radiations. Filtering Power Measurement. The USA (FDA) and the German (DIN) methods. - Type of UV radiation source; - Quantity of product applied; - Radiation time increase on different skin areas; - SPF calculation; - Standard Reference Product; - MED Evaluation Time; - Type of Skin; -...

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Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts

BSE-free ORGAN EXTRACTS, acqueous, protein-free, can be prepared from cell lines and/or from synthetic material: table A. Activity tests: table B (example: SWINE-Placenta-Extract). Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts.pdf...

Tags Organ-Extracts, synthetic, lang_en, cell-line-based (BSE-free), natural, BSE