I wish to dedicate this brief biographical editorial to my Father who, after having lived intensely without ever sparing himself and facing in silence a long and complex illness, wrapped, cared for and protected by the affection of his loved ones, passed away at the age of eighty-eight years, seven months and nine days.

A long life that spanned through the frightening scenery of the World War II, the upheavals of a family displaced by wartime causes and nomadic by work requirements, and the search for stability finally achieved with stubbornness, with the studies and with the start of a solid entrepreneurial activity able to grow over the decades overcoming adversities and epochal changes.

A posed, introverted and curious individual, he had shown great interest in experimentation in the biological and chemical fields since childhood.

Graduating in Medicine and Surgery at only twenty-three years, he went to specialize in Endocrinology, Pharmacology, Clinical Sexology and Constitutional Medicine, and was a free professor in History of Medicine.

After a brilliant career as an Internist, developed in the Medical Clinic department of the san Martino University hospital in Genoa, he devoted himself to research aimed at the physiology and biochemistry of the skin apparatus, and the function of substances applied to it in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

He also provided for the reopening of «San Giorgio», the family pharmacy lost during the war, later changed hands but still exists today.

In 1959 he married his beloved Maria Adele, whom he had to leave on the very day of their sixty-third wedding anniversary.

Also in 1959, two months after their marriage, together they went to the Chamber of Commerce to register Laboratori Vevy, now Vevy Europe S.p.A., in the enterprises register.

Starting from scientific research to create specialized ingredients respecting the complex biochemistry of the skin: this is the Founder’s imprinting, which still characterizes a dynamic and flexible Company, capable of standing out in a scenario increasingly rich in proposals but often seduced by trends rather than substance.

A scholar, scientist but also humanist, essayist and music lover, he leaves a wide scientific and literary legacy of real depth.

He was able to anticipate the times, publishing since the sixties his studies on precursors of skin structures, safety of ingredients, skin absorption, effectiveness of excipients and active substances, criteria for the evaluation of the safety of finished products, Total Quality and many other scientific and technical issues still of great interest and relevance today.

His scientific rigor and moral stature have been a source of inspiration for colleagues, supply chain partners, institutions and even competitors.

Although unrelated to the topics covered in this publication, I wanted to dedicate this tribute to him precisely on his Relata Technica, which still carries the evolution, transformations and values of his imprinting around the world.

Vincenzo Paolo Maria Rialdi