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Activities to overcome the BSE crisis

Published on Issues - Year 2009
Author Randolph Riemschneider  

As soon as the first BSE-reports were published and the BSE has occurred (1985/86), the author engaged in “BSE research”, especially concerning filtration technique to eliminate infectious material and experiments to find a method to detect BSE in body fluids. Immediate action regarding BSE was a ...

Tags lang_en, rye, respiration increasing factor, BSE, cereal placenta extracts

Vegetal placenta extracts substitute animal placenta extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2008

  Placenta Extracts from cereal bran layers, like rye (illustration 1a,b) deliver cell metabolism activating extracts which can substitute animal placenta ones; rye placenta extract: table A: properties, table B: respiration increasing data, table C: metamorphosis acceleration.   Campi_Aggiuntivi...

Tags increasing, lang_en, respiration cereal extracts, factor. BSE, placenta rye

Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Author Randolph Riemschneider  

BSE-free ORGAN EXTRACTS, acqueous, protein-free, can be prepared from cell lines and/or from synthetic material: table A. Activity tests: table B (example: SWINE-Placenta-Extract). Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Cell Line Based Organ Material Beats BSE Risk In Animal Organ Extracts.pdf...

Tags Organ-Extracts, synthetic, lang_en, cell-line-based (BSE-free), natural, BSE

Porcine based organ Extracts guarantee full substitution of bovine extracts

Published on Issues - Year 2001
Authors Randolph Riemschneider , Michael Heisler  

Activity tests on controllable systems prove the equivalence of standardized proteinfree PORCINE- and BOVINE-Placenta-Extracts: table 1. PORCINE-skin-collagen-extract and PORCINE-collagens-type I -VI are isolated, example in table 2. Campi_Aggiuntivi_VevyC:\Users\bar\Desktop\Porcine based organ Extr...

Tags lang_en, Placenta-Extracts from swine and cow, proteinfree Extracts, Porcine-Placenta-Collagens