La fatigue d'éclaircir les difficultés

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Vincent Van Gogh. At the plough As Jean Racine (1639-1699) wrote in the preface to his tragedy Berenice: "qu'ils se reposent sur nous de la fatigue d'éclaircir les difficultés (...)" (It is up to us to find a solution for the difficulties). In our case, fatigue to create a perfect emulsion without any physical or biological incompatibility is entrusted to Xalifin-15. This means that it must quickly form O/W emulsions which remain stable even at 55°C; Xalifin-15 does not inhibit the enzymic activity of normal skin and it is even well tolerated by scraped skin.

Bioemulgoids. This term refers to emulgators for cutaneous application which not only meet the prerequisites for absolute pharmaco-toxicologic harmlessness, including cryptotoxicologic parameters, but also do not inhibit cutaneous glycolytic scission phases or certain other specific enzymatic actions which represent a basic energetic instant of the skin tissue. Their use assures complete dermal tolerance and no biochemical interference with the active principles incorporated in the emulsion.