Colour is "in" again

Published on Healthy Chemistry  

The return to colour in cosmetic emulsions is not a plain return to "old fashion". Putting colour back into the cosmetic product is well accounted for since colour represents an important psychosensorial parameter. Formulators have gladly accepted this possibility to further complete their formulae. Colouring is the final expression of a cutaneous (emollient, protective, soothing, activating, etc.) effect, in an originally coloured excipient. The reason for this return to coloured creams lies in the fact that it is now finally possible to use highly safe colouring ingredients of both synthetic and natural origin. (Refer to "Natural is often noxious" in the Vevy Europe Collection C2 Concepts and Cosmetology, 1994). Therefore, there is no reason why colour, together with perfume, should not once again become one of the accepted factors of the finished product. As Beaudelaire said in "Fleur du mal", IV, Correspondance: "les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent". Harmlessness and stability are the conditions necessary in order not to neglect this important psychological factor. They are present in the Farv colourant series which has been available on the market since 1959. Farv has steadily followed the positive pharmacotoxicologic evolution of colouring pigments for human use. With the Farv series, it is now possible to use new Dermo&Cosmetic Grade (DCG) colourants, which are very stable and easy to use (being standardized liquids). However the advantage of the Farv line is that it is also dynamic. It is indeed possible to taper the shade, saturation and transparency to the particular needs of the technicians who prepare the product (stability at specific pH-value, within a given temperature range and under natural and/or artificial lighting conditions). The Farv series consists of 8 groups each of which has numerous water-soluble (H) and liposoluble (L) shades: Azufarv (sky-blue), Citrofarv (yellow), Flavofarv (orange), Rubifarv (red), Serifarv (purple), Grofarv (green), Brofarv (Amber), Mavrofarv (black)