What is Relata Technica?

Starting from the beginning of the human story numberless substances have been applied on the skin to favour wound healing, for the management of skin diseases, or simply and perhaps more often for cosmetic aims.
In sharp contrast, only in recent years, and with a great delay as compared with otherfields of pharmacology, the study of the effects of chemicals on the skin moved from art to science; now it is soundly based on a rational approach.
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Activities of Excipients for Topical Skin Care Formulations

INTRODUCTION Far from being inactive bystanders of the pharmacological activity, excipients can play relevant roles in skin care products. Aesthetically pleasing emulsions owe their light touch or sensual feeling to carefully selected excipients able to improve spreadability without diminishing vis...

Eccipienti attivi per formulazioni topiche

INTRODUZIONE Lungi dall’essere esclusivamente inerti testimoni dell’azione farmacologica, gli eccipienti possono avere una funzione molto importante nei prodotti di applicazione topica per la cura della pelle. Le qualità estetiche dei prodotti sono dovute alla scelta oculata di eccipienti capaci di...

Auxina - Effects on human hair and beard growth by topical application of a calibrated blend of botanical extracts (*)

A remarkable segment of the personal care market is represented by personal care products for men. It has been estimated that this market (~4 bn $ in the USA alone in 2013 and perhaps six-seven times larger, worldwide) is comparable, in size, to the budget of the National Insitutes of Health...


Physiologic efficacy and harmlessness in cosmetic hair lotions

The role of Auxina Tricogena® In our field, chemistry is closely intertwined with biology, as well as with dermatology, pharmaco-toxicology, and cosmetology. Due to these complex interconnections, one can see how the cynicism of plagiarists can easily be demolished. The consumers’ health is jeopard...

The risks associated with herbalism

A particularly numerous and widespread category of vegetable matter with carcinogenic effect are pyrrolizidine alkaloids. They are present in hundreds of plants, especially in the different varieties of Senecio, but also in those of crotalaria, Heliotropium, Lappul, Symphytum, Petasites and Tussilag...

Cosmetic Actives form Vegetable Source

As reported in a previous communication the increasing demand for environmental friendly and green cosmetics led the formulator to a quite forced, one-way switch to vegetable-derived ingredients, especially in the area of extracts, emollients and gelling agents. Hydroplastidines and Lipoplastidines....

Healthy Chemistry

Keratin and keratinocytes

What is epidermis? It is now right to ask ourselves what the epidermis is, what new ideas about it we have acquired and why the old schemes must be basically modified. By epidermis, we mean the section embodied between the basal membrane (which separates it from the dermis) and the external surfa...

Safe and effective lipids for new mineral oil- and lanolin-FREE formulations

Oils, waxes and their derivatives constitute a very large and important class of basic cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials. They are used mainly as vehicles and emollients for a very wide range of creams, lotions, ointments, lipidic gels, oils, pastes and soaps. Lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatu...

Skin and Stress, Stress and Skin: a new Basic Experimental Acquisition

Research carried out at our laboratories was led to the finding of a major scientific datum which might influence future formulations engineered for the skin. It has been proven that the keratinocytes of the epidermis can autonomously produce stress hormones. More precisely, we ascertained that the ...

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Human skin. 25 year old man

Human skin. 25 year old man

Skin of a guinea-pig

Skin of a guinea-pig